About Us

Our Values

Our struggles are one: We believe that immigrants are subject to a specific system of oppression but we recognize that solving challenges specific to immigrants may not alleviate all systems of oppression.

For Self-Advocates

Immigrants are decision makers: We believe that immigrants are capable of making their own decisions regarding their lives. We compose decision-making bodies so that decisions are made for us, by us. 

We support immigrant allies: We believe that non-immigrants have the potential to support and welcome immigrants in our community. We also believe that the burden of educating and directing allies should not over rely on immigrants and instead providing this support is only possible when we build authentic relationships with immigrants.

For Allies 

We welcome immigrants: We believe that all immigrants should feel welcomed in our community and that we are called to intervene when the environment is not welcoming.

We support immigrants: We believe that all immigrants in our communities should feel supported to live with dignity. This requires us to analyze our policies and structures so that immigrants can access, utilize, and thrive.

Who We Are

The Immigrant Mountaineers Movement (IMM), formerly the Immigration Awareness and Advocacy Project, has taken the charge of introducing and expanding the knowledge of immigration-related issues at Appalachian State by taking a three-pronged approach: Developing Awareness, Skill-building, and Action Planning. As Appalachian continues to experience growth in diverse populations, immigration policies reveal themselves as current or potential barriers for prospective Mountaineers, enrolled students, and colleagues. 

The Immigrant Ally Training promotes culturally-responsive, creative methods for exchanging perspectives in a safe, non-discriminatory environment. We achieve this by facilitating small group and larger Zoom events which have created a safe space for the campus community to connect. 

The Immigrant Mountaineers Movement embodies the university's motto "...to be and not to seem."

Over the past year, the Immigrant Mountaineers Movement has promoted our training initiative to increase knowledge among the Mountaineer community about issues of immigration relevant to campus members. With continued university support, this new wave of immigration advocacy and movement on campus can usher the university in continued leadership toward global citizenship that enhances the experiences of immigration-affected Mountaineers. Together, the Immigrant Mountaineers Movement can help prepare students to lead more inclusive lives in which all are welcome and supported in their respective paths to success.