Immigrant Ally Training Series

The Immigrant Ally Training Series, split into three levels (Awareness, Skills, Action), strives to educate the Mountaineer community on the needs and concerns of immigration-affected individuals and their families, providing effective practices to support these Mountaineers, with the goals to:

  • Create a welcoming and supportive campus environment for all campus members, including those who are immigrants and/or have family members with an immigrant status;

  • Inform faculty, staff, & students about relevant immigration topics that may impact individual Mountaineers and their loved ones, causing stress and creating challenges or barriers to their education.

Become an ally to immigration-affected Mountaineers. Fill out this Registration form to get started. 

The desired outcomes for the Immigrant Ally Training Series are to:

  • Establish a network of visible allies that provide immigration-affected Mountaineers access to trustworthy, knowledgeable, and supportive people who provide information and assistance in a safe, nondiscriminatory environment;

  • Inspire the creation of resources for immigration-affected members at the university and surrounding communities;

  • Deliver insight for each ally to adopt practices and principles for application in their current role with the university to improve advocacy and overall experience for immigration-affected communities.


Level 1: Awareness

The Level 1 Training centers around Education, Training, and Research in order to gain awareness on the issues and concerns surrounding immigration-affected individuals. 

Brief description of the Level 1 training in Awareness.
Brief description of the Level 2 training in building Skills.


Level 2: Skills

The Level 2 Training focuses on the development of skills required to be an Ally to immigration-affected individuals through Workshops, Practice, and the constant expansion of Networking.

Level 3: Action

The Level 3 Training puts the Awareness and Skills developed in the previous two workshops into Action.

This workshop serves as the basis for new Allies to Observe, Consider, and take Action to advocate for a welcoming and supportive environment in their respective fields, circles, and role(s) within the University.

Brief description of the Level 3 training in taking Action.